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All winter comes, but the cold is already approaching. Though outside and about 10 degrees, but to stick his nose out of the house in such weather as you do not want. Well, maybe this is the nose hiding in a warm cozy scarf.

That "celestials" hide their noses star in a warm scarf. We are with you and I know that even though the photographs they try to be perfect, but secretly dream wrap scarves and pashminas, so that only one eye was visible. And that after the harsh climate of Los Angeles (about 13 degrees in the winter against summer 20) - this is not a joke!

For example, Salma Blair whether so afraid of drafts, or loves scarves that I even hesitate to say that it - scarf, gradually turning into a coat or vice versa? Whatever it was, I would have from such has not given up. It seems that it is very cozy.

But Kim Kardashian simply stunned me: pretty dress warmly at the top and at the same time put on shoes, rubber flip-flops? However, pashmina, worn as a scarf, brings me to the imperfection of the universe. She is good. Very good. By the way, on our portal there is a girl who has a whole collection of these stoles. This Kaya.

Pick up a scarf suitable tone and mood to suit - a great deal! Here you can easily make a mistake, but fortunately, no Eva Longoria nor Michelle Trachtenberg no mistake with the choice. A preference Natalie Portman excites me: Gentle pink coat in combination with white air scarf and gray jeans, handbags and boots - it's a pure delight!

By the way, the scarf is perfect to put the accent color in your outfit. At the same time raises the mood. The brighter the scarf - the wider the smile! Here is a look from left to right themselves: Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus,and KristenBell.

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